Egypt Wins the Pitch For Hosting Fab 15

And on the 5th of August, 2017, Egypt (represented by Fab Lab Egypt and Fab Lab New Cairo) has won the Fab’13th pitch in Chile, against Canada, UAE, and China, to host the international conference Fab’15 in 2019. The event has been running for 14 years, hosted previously in South Africa, USA, India, Holland, Peru, New Zealand, Japan, China, Chile, and this year (2018) in France.

Raspberry Pi and Arduino Visit Egypt for MFC 18

Each year MFC arrives with greater plans and more surprises, but MFC’18 was a game changer: MFC’18 went all regional. On the 10th of March, 2018, the Smart Village Club witnessed an clash of civilization as MFC’18 welcomed representatives of more than X countries of the MENA region, and even more international guests and speakers.

Some of the highlights of the day was the participation of the renowned guests: Matt Richardson, the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Executive Director, and David Cuartielles, the Arduino Co-founder.

Fab Lab Egypt at Cairo ICT 2017

Cairo ICT 2017, held at Egypt’s brand-new venue “Egypt Exhibition Center”, was one of the region’s top technology exhibitions and Conferences. The exhibition set a record of 93,234 visitors, where more than 500 exhibitors from 16 countries showcased their unique projects to the MENA region leading tech companies and entities. It was unique blend of government, business, academia, and users from the most important domains.

And on the 21st round of Cairo ICT, Fab Lab Egypt were at their booth with Orange showcasing their joint established Fablabs around Egypt.

SABIC’s Summer Innovation Camp in Saudi Arabia With the Help Of Fab Lab Egypt and Make

Jumpstarting the Maker Movement in Egypt in 2012, Fab Lab Egypt has crafted itself quite the reputation as a Godfather figure in the MENA region. Along many projects that focused on establishing Fab Labs in both Egypt and the MENA, FLE has always had an educational focus whenever contribution was needed.

Such an opportunity presented itself when SABIC, one of the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, organized for a summer maker program for a hundred high school students. SABIC company now has operations in over 50 countries with a global workforce of over 35,000 talented individuals.