We Are All Makers. That’s what we believe, and our mission is to provide the comprehensive experience for anyone in the MENA region to be a maker.

San3a Tech was officially launched in 2016 by young Egyptians to empower the Maker Movement in the MENA region. The establishment of Fab Lab Egypt’s network in 2012 jumpstarted the Maker Culture in Egypt, followed by Maker Faire Cairo in 2015 which led to organizing several wide-array of events, competitions, and hackathons by San3a Events. Anyone can learn how to make almost anything through San3a Academy‘s programs or share their cool projects and connect with other makers on San3a Hub.

Brands And Services

You have the idea, we got the fabrication tools. Give life to your imagination now, our technical support team has got you covered!

Here’s where you can share with fellow makers your awesome projects, and the go-to hub when you need guidance in making projects. And if you have a story worth sharing? We’ll take care of it

Here’s where you get to meet the makers, the innovators, the hardcore entrepreneurs and the passionate hobbyists. You’ll have the time of your life, trading experience and listening to stories in our kick-ass San3a Events.

This is the shrine of knowledge for a maker, at any point of his maker-journey. Here’s where science, knowledge, experience & application do their work in crafting makers.

Our Partners